2023: Over 80 percent APC members in Ebonyi ready to defect to PDP, says guber aspirant

A Governorship Aspirant in Ebonyi State and Lawmaker Representing Ezza South constituency in the State House of Assembly , Hon Chris Usulor, on Sunday boasted that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) will win the 2023 governorship election in the state.


The lawmaker who is a three time member of the Assembly also claimed that over 80 percent of the members of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ebonyi state are ready to defect to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to support his governorship ambition.


Usulor, who spoke in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital, said he is more experienced than other governorship aspirants in the state, adding that Nigerians are desirous of the PDP to takeover power from the ruling APC, both at the presidency and in Ebonyi state.


“Nigeria as a whole, the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) is set to takeover the leadership of the country. If you look at what is happening now, you know the positioning of PDP as it regards the quest to takeover the Presidency.


” If you look at the country, you see that everybody is yearning for a change. Everybody is expecting PDP to takeover the leadership of the country.


“In Ebonyi state, citizens do not know any other thing than the Peoples Democratic Party. It has been institutionalized in the state. PDP is in the mouth of every woman, boy, girl and children in Ebonyi state. It is almost a tradition in the state, and so, I don’t think that any other party can take the mantle of leadership of the state from PDP.


“The All Progressive Congress are at the helm of affairs is just on a temporary bases. Unless they rig PDP out from the forthcoming elections, if it is on a free and fair election, PDP will win in every Local Government areas of the state.


“And so, we will come up with a peaceful disposition towards regaining power and in doing that, we will preach to Ebonyians to still stand by PDP.


“We are not going to plan rigging. we are not going to cause violence but that doesn’t mean that, if we are pushed to wall, we just run away like that. We will keep playing the game according to the dictates of the law.


Usulor maintained that the next governor of the state can come from either Ezza or Izzi, the two major clans in Abakaliki bloc yet to produce a governor.


“The clamouring everywhere is that, other clans should allow Ezza Clan which is the eldest son of Ezekuna and in Ebonyi state, they (Ezza) are the eldest to rule the state.


“Generally, the position of the people in Ebonyi Central senatorial zone is that it is their turn to produce the governor. In alliance with the resolution of PDP, it is the turn of Ezzas, that’s what we are clamouring.


“An average Izzi man will equally be clamouring that it is their turn. But the SEC resolution has given the two zones the equal opportunity to vie for this position. And so, any of the clans can take it, he stated”


Usulor, who is from Ezza clan, said he will run an all inclusive governor if he is elected as governor.


“I am going to be the next governor of Ebonyi state. And I am going to achieve that through mass mobilization, sensitization, campaigning and lobbying.


“If I am given the ticket of the PDP, eighty percent (80%) of the members of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in Ebonyi state will decamp to the PDP to support me. They will decamp to support me and you know what that means,” the lawmaker added.

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