2023: voluntarily quit your presidential ambition or…, Ohanaeze to Atiku, Tinubu,

Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide has advised Atiku Abubaka of the Peoples Democratic Party and Asiwaju Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress to voluntarily quit their presidential ambitions or face a disgraceful defeats in the 2023 presidential election.

The Igbo group maintained that Nigerians are knowledgeable to explore the new electoral guidelines to save the country from the old and antiquated leaders and usher in a new Nigeria of our dreams .

Ohaneze, stated that Peter Obi of Labour Party is better than Atiku and Tinubu who are contesting the 2023 presidential election with him.
The group in a statement by the Secretary-General, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, described the APC-led Federal Government as a disaster and tragedy to Nigerians, adding that security, education were all in comatose, even as the economy was not left out.

Ohaneze noted that the PDP was ridden with crisis, stating that Nigeria has only one option for greatness which is LP.

Ohaneze, said that Peter Obi’s movement was an electoral upheaval and revolutionary dogma which was sweeping against deviant politicians and epileptic administration.
“APC in 2015 convinced Nigerians and took over power from PDP on the grounds that it will fight corruption and insecurity instituted by PDP’s misrule. But with APC’s blunder in governance in 7 years, Nigerians believe that Peter Obi is credible and decent to recreate the battered and shabby image of Nigeria which was destroyed by APC and PDP in our 23 years of democracy in Nigeria.

“The search for a new Nigeria has begun with Nigerians in Diaspora trying to participate in the electoral process by providing financial stability for LP to have the political war chest to compete favorably with the APC and the PDP Presidential candidates in 2023 election.

“APC and PDP are nervous and jittery over the planned diaspora funds for the LP Presidential candidate by Nigerians in Diaspora and this would mark the end of the old political order which Tinubu and Atiku represent. It will usher in the creation of a new Nigerian personality where competency in governance and accountability will be the new order of the day.

“Ndigbo chides those who are interested to block the diaspora funds for LP, as they are best described as predators and vampires that have been feeding on Nigeria’s cadaver since 1999.

“The Labour Party Presidential candidate, Peter Obi’s records of accomplishments in the private sector and government show that he is more proficient, energetic,competent and incorruptible.

“Peter Obi is not an Igbo agenda but a new Nigerian movement which is sweeping changes across the country. Ndigbo are only surprised that the APC and PDP Presidential candidates are striving to use everything in their disposal to rundown Peter Obi as campaign starts by September ending. Contrary to their expectations, Peter Obi is only a channel and alternative for Nigerians to retaliate against the wickedness and sins of APC and PDP in 2023. We expect to see how Atiku and Tinubu will fight against the rebellion that awaits them by the end of 2022 when campaigns hot up and its clear that Nigerians are in dire need of Peter Obi as Buhari’s successor”, according to Ohanaeze.

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