It’s reckless, inhuman to link Umahi with killings, violence – Ebonyi Assembly Leader 

The Leader, Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Hon.Victor Chukwu, on Monday stated that It’s reckless, inhuman and wicked to link Governor David Umahi, with killings and violence in Ebonyi State.


Victor, noted that it was only a paid calumnist that could finger the governor over killings and violence in the state, adding that insecurity was a national phenomenon, which every state of the federation was battling.

The Leader, who is representing Ezza North/West Constituency in the State Assembly, stated this in Abakaliki, during a meeting with journalists.



He said Governor Umahi had shown great political will to develop the state, wondering why he would turn around to destroy same state.


The Peoples Democratic Party, had come heavily on Umahi, accusing him of having a hand in the killings and violence, in the state.


According to the Lawmaker; “Anybody who knows the natural disposition of the governor cannot be that mean to recklessly accuse him of killings in Ebonyi State. Even though the governor appears to be rugged in nature, too, he is one of the meekest people I have seen on Earth. He has the heart of a child.


“The Umahi I know can’t even stand the killing of an animal, not to talk of a human being and he has not hidden his displeasure over the shedding of blood of any sort, in the state, especially the human blood. But it beats my imagination that disgruntled elements could carry out such level of campaign of calumny against the person of the governor.


“I have ran elections under Umahi for two times and of a truth, the governor has always de-mphasised violence on the grounds that he wouldn’t want his victory stained with blood.


“Now, one would begin to wonder. What are the killings they are associating Governor Umahi with? Are they ritual killings? Is the governor orchestrating those so called killings to atone for ritual obligations? What are the killings for? Is the governor at war with those fighting in Effium? For goodness sake, insecurity is now a national thing and every state of the federation suffers it.


“Let it be known to you that the biggest beneficiaries of his administration are the victims of the Effium war, I mean the Ezza people. He has shown an unquantifiable love to these people. What is his interest in Effium? Does it mean he wasted billions of Naira to construct the Effium road so that people could be killed?


“Umahi, has shown great goodwill and has brought investors to harness the mineral potentials of the war-troubled Effium. Would the same governor want to kill the same people of a place he wants to develop?


“Are people not aware of the governor’s plan to urbanise Effium? Is the governor planning to urbanise Effium community so that animals would inhabit the place tomorrow? Why do people think and talk like animals?


“Umahi has tried for the people of Ebonyi State so much that it’s inhuman, foolhardy and wicked for someone or a group of people to mention his name for anything evil in the state. We are all in Ebonyi and you can agree with me that all the governor has done and still do, is to better the lives of the people.


“What I hate is this wickedness of extreme politics of name-calling and propaganda. When politics becomes extreme, I wonder if actually the participants are humans or non-humans. This lie, this gibberish, this falsehood is coming from the pit of hell and master-minded by individuals who are frustrated in their endeavours, but merely looking for cheap publicity and attention.”

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