NBA petition’s CP over gruesome murder of lawyer’s wife in Ebonyi

The Nigerian Bar Association, Onueke Branch, has petitioned the Commissioner of Police, Ebonyi State, CP, Aliyu Garba, over the gruesome mother of lawyer’s wife, late Mrs. Amechi Gloria Enyi, at her residence, no 1 Enyi Street Nkaliki Road Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.


The petition, dated November 26, 2021 was signed by the Bar. Leader, Don Ikechukwu Njoku, the Branch Chairman, Uche Igba, among others.


The Branch accused the DPO of CPS, Abakaliki, Ikechukwu Okoro, the IPO Geoffrey Aghachi, Inspector Emmanuel Lawrence and his wife, Mrs. Emmanuel Lawrence of murdering the deceased, adding that they accused them following the threats coming from them and the manner in which the deceased husband was allegedly lured out of his house for their plans to be executed.


They prayed the commissioner of Police, to use his good office to order for the discreet investigation into the gruesome murder, and vowed not to rest until the DPO CPS and the IPO, Inspector Emmanuel Lawrence and his wife are brought to book.


The deceased according to the petition was stabbed to death in her residence at no. 1 Enyi Close, Nkaliki, in Abakaliki local government area of Ebonyi state, while the husband, Barr. Shedrack Enyi, was being unlawfully detained at the Central Police Station Abakaliki, on the orders of the Divisional Police Officer, CSP. Ikechukwu Okoro.


The petition reads: “We gathered that the said Barr. Shedrack Enyi who we shall in this petition refer to as our colleague is the Attorney, managing the premises, where Mrs. Emmanuel Lawrence, wife of the Inspector Emmanuel Lawrence mentioned above, is occupying an apartment.


“It is our brief that the said Mrs. Emmanuel Lawrence, converted part of her rented apartment to mini poultry house, an act which constituted unbearable nuisance against other tenants in the premises.

”Acting on the persistent complaints raised against the said nuisance, our colleague gently approached the said Mrs. Emmanuel Lawrence and appealed to her to dismantle the poultry house made of wood and cease further rearing of the chicken in the premises.


“It is our brief that the said Mrs. Lawrence flagrantly refused to yield to the entreaties made by our colleague in respect of the nuisance.


“It is our information that our colleague could no longer bear the choking complaints from other tenants, owing to the awful smells oozing from the poultry farm, our colleague, with the assistance of the caretaker of the premises and other tenants removed the poultry wooden house and kept same outside the premises in the presence of the Mrs. Lawrence.


“Consequent upon the above, it would appear as the gate of hell was let loose, as Mrs. Lawrence and her husband, Inspector Lawrence began to unleash threat after threats against our colleague. We were informed that the said inspector, shouted at our colleague in these words ‘Barrister Enyi, as you removed this pen, I shall in like manner, remove your life from the face of the earth’. The wife to the inspector, told our colleague thus ‘Enyi, I shall cause unbearable pains and discomfort to you”.


“It is our brief that our colleague was eventually arrested and detained at CPS, following the complaint made at CPS with her husband, Inspector Emmanuel Lawrence. Our colleague said he was admitted to administrative bail after two days and was given a date for interview.


“Before our colleague was admitted to bail, the DPO (CPS Ikechukwu Okoro) was aggressive towards our client even though they never met. The DPO boasted that he had brutally dealt with lawyers in other places he had served and that he will set Barr. Enyi as a distasteful example in Ebonyi State.


“It is our information that on the date scheduled for the interview, our colleague was at the CPS for the interview, but the IPO was nowhere to be seen. When our colleague contacted him on phone, he told our colleague to wait for him. Our said colleague waited for hours to no avail. At a point, the IPO stopped picking our colleague’s calls. This nonchalant attitude led our colleague to apply for transfer of the case file through your office. The application for transfer was approved and the case file was ordered to be transferred to SIB of the police headquarters where he has made statement…

“It is our information that on Saturday, the 20th day of November 2021, our colleague was at the said premises to inspect the repair work on the borehole at the premises, the said Mrs. Lawrence called the CPS IPO, who came and asked our colleague to follow him to CPS, our colleague told the said IPO that he would join him there, after he might have finished inspecting the ongoing repairs on the borehole…

“It is our information that the said IPO called a Police team, who stormed the premises and said that the DPO ordered he must be brought to CPS dead or alive.


“Our colleague was treated like a common criminal handcuffed and bundled into a waiting van to CPS, where the DPO vowed and repeated his earlier threats that he was going to deal with our colleague.


“Sir, our colleague again was thrown into cell on the orders of the said DPO on Saturday the 20th day of November, 2021 and he remained incarcerated till Monday, the 22nd day of November 2021, when his wife full of life was wickedly and brutally murdered”.



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