Non indigenes in Ebonyi call for inclusion in state affairs

A group known as Non-indigenous professionals and Non-professionals Forum(NIPNF), has called for inclusion of non-indigenes in the affairs of Ebonyi state.


The group said that although the state government appointed few non indigenes into some offices, that more needed  to be done in other to carry them along properly.


President of the group, Dr. Philip Osuagwu, stated this during their Ordinary General Meeting(OGM) in Abakaliki, the state capital.


He noted that there are many positions that non-indigenes can occupy in the state but that incoherent has continued to rob them off the position, leading to the formation of NIPNF.


He said: “it is important that we have this organization to solve our problem with ease. There is a lot going on in the state and as a people if we don’t have a voice that will speak for us, it may be difficult to measure up with the demands of the state. We are strangers in this state, we need this body to always be there to speak for us, we need this body to speak like a family.


“We noticed that when it comes to appointments and other good thing happenings in this state, you hardly find non indigenes there. It is not as if we don’t qualify, there are positions actually that non indigenes can occupy but I think that one of the problems is incoherent; there is no voice, nobody speaks for us. So, it is important that we have that voice now so that I don’t need to go to just only vote, I need to also have the benefit from the vote that I cast.


“So, if I go to vote for anybody, this organization should be able to negotiate favourable deals with the person. If you go out there, there are a lot of policies that may not be favourbale. Now, this organization will see that such policies are made to be fair to everybody. So, it gives us that opportunity to speak, to negotiate”.

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