Northern food dealers lift ban on supply of foodstuffs to southern Nigeria

The leadership of cattle and foodstuff dealers has lift the ban placed on the supply of food to the southern parts of Nigeria.

According to Daily Trust, the group under the Amalgamated Union of Foodstuff and Cattle Dealers of Nigeria (AUFCDN), reached the decision after a meeting with some governors in Abuja on Wednesday, March 3.

The group said they decided to end the industrial action following the appeals made by the governors to them. Abdullahi Tom, a youth leader of the cattle dealers in Lagos, said that Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state was among the leaders who attended the meeting.

However, some southern state governments and farmers reacted to the decision of northern cattle and foodstuff dealers to stop their supplies to southern states which has been on for a week now.

Some Southern governors, described the ban, saying it was an opportunity for the south to boost its food and animal production capacity.

Recall that a top official of AUFCDN, Awwalu Aliyu, told The Cable that all they want is the safety of their members in the north which is more important to them than business.

“We prefer and our people will prefer to lose those farm items or goods than to continue losing their lives. If you are alive, you can plant another thing, you can rear another cattle. But if you’re dead, you can’t do that again. Only the living can go to the farm. “We do not want to destroy anybody. We do not want to kill anybody. The number of Yorubas and Ibos that reside in Kano and Kaduna alone is far more than the number of northerners in the entire south-west, south-south and south-east,” he reiterated

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