PDP ward Congress: Party raises the alarm over distribution of fake forms

The Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) Ebonyi State chapter has raised the alarm over the distribution of fake forms during the just concluded ward Congress in the State.


Caretaker Chairman of the Party, Elder Fred Udeogu, stated this at the weekend while speaking on their readiness to conduct the local government Congress.

He said that electoral materials have already been distributed ahead of its local government Congress slated for Tuesday, 5th October 2021, in the 13 LGAs of the state.


Udeogu noted that enemies of party in the state had attempted to distribute fake forms to the members of the party in the last conducted ward Congress that took place in the 171 political wards of Ebonyi state.


He said: “Like I said we are working and praying for a crisis free Congress, we know that security men were everywhere and I want to use this opportunity to appreciate the security men.

“The truth is that the Congress was successful and there was no problem in any place. I moved to most of the local governments and there was no problem in any of the wards. Although, i got information that some people were submitting fake forms.


“The fake forms they were distributing has nothing to do with us because the fake forms were not received from our office and the forms that were given to our office had serial numbers given to us by the National Secretaries. So any form anybody is holding that does not have a serial number is a waste. so we don’t have any problem with anybody”.


He called on perceived aggrieved contestants to make known their grievances to the party rather than going about trying to bring disunity among members.


“We don’t know those who are contesting for chairmanship. I’m still holding the forms. the forms are still in the bank where we deposited them. After the local government Congress, we will start distributing forms for the state Congress and that’s when we will know those who are contesting for the position because they will come to get their forms and these forms are free.


“So, after the local government Congress, we will start the state Congress that’s when we will know those who are aspirants, as for now, nobody knows who is aspiring and nobody has come to tell me.


“The important thing is that the position is zoned to the South which includes; Afikpo South, Afikpo North, Ohaozara, Ivo and Onicha Local government areas. So, whoever they pick, we will take the person.


“The petitions that were brought, I handed it over to the appeal panel from Enugu, so it is their duty to get those people. We have the plans , we will start distributing the forms in less than 48 hours.


“We are trying to be very careful because the party in power here, we don’t trust them because they might be trying to play some funny games.


“In a Democratic setting there’s nothing you can do to satisfy everybody, human beings will always complain and it’s better to complain because when they do, the people that have done this things will know they do a good job. After zoning they will be folding their hands and keeping quiet. It is justified that the chairmanship should go to the South .


“What we are doing now is different from what people are thinking. we are not looking at the peripheral aspect of it. we are looking at the issues as much as we can. The details of it whether we like it or not, Abakaliki is Abakaliki.


“We know, we have two zones. so we are not trying to split our people. So, this is politics. We are party in opposition and we are very conscious of that” he said.

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