Ebubeagu backed by law, will never be disbanded, Umahi to opposition party

Governor of Ebonyi state, Engr. David Umahi, on Wednesday told opposition People’s Democratic Party(PDP) in the state that Ebubeagu Security outfit, Ebonyi chapter is backed by law and as such would never be disbanded.


Umahi who stated this while inaugurating the security outfit at Abakaliki Township stadium, hinted that the opposition party can go to court and challenge Ebubeagu Security outfit.


PDP in the state had during its executive council meeting last week gave the Governor 14 days to disband the security network.



The party claimed that Ebubegu was used by the government in power to persecute its political opponents in the State.



During the inauguration, the governor reiterated that the security outfit was not politically motivated, and has only been put in place to assist the police and its sister agencies to secure the state better.


Umahi said; “The outfit is not politically motivated. But those who have been sponsoring insecurity in the state and who are afraid of the outfit can go to court to challenge the law as this outfit will never be disbanded. However, just like in any organization where human being is involved, there are bound to be excesses of some and to checkmate this, we have the Provost Marshall under the law and the public will feel free to send their complaints of any infringement on their rights to the Provost who will work with the state Commander to handle. There is nothing to be afraid of.




“This is not an alternate police, this is an outfit that is totally under the tutelage, supervision, monitoring, directives and obedience to the police force. There shall be no altercation, there is no superiority, fights. You are under the police force.




“Anybody who doesn’t like it and wants to do otherwise can bow out because this is what our law says. We will not fight with the police, we will not disagree with the police. We will obey all lawful orders of the Commissioner of Police”, he said.


He warned however, that abuse of human rights will not be tolerated as members of the security outfit carry out their duties.

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